Monthly Archives: March 2007

Another big pipe out of Alaska?

It seems Alaskans are pretty serious about getting a natural gas pipeline built out of the North Slope: this week alone there are 16 hearings on aspects of the project being held in the Alaskan House of Representatives and seven hearings in the Alaskan Senate, according to Drue Pearce, the recently-named federal coordinator for Alaskan […]  More »

What to do with a wind turbine in a storm

A couple of readers have asked about what Galveston Offshore Wind, the company behind the planned 150mw wind project I wrote about today, would do if a hurricane blew through. The platforms sit in about 50 feet of water, the top deck is about 47 feet above sea level and the top of the tower […]  More »

8 coal plants suspended, up to 60 possible buyers on the line

TXU announced this afternoon what we expected: “A Motion to Stay was filed yesterday with the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) for seven coal-fueled power units that are under consideration in contested proceedings before SOAH. The company also has suspended permitting activities related to an eighth permit, which was not a part of the […]  More »

How do you solve a problem like Venezuela?

Oil giants with heavy-oil production operations in Venezuela’s oil-rich Orinoco River basin generally aren’t commenting on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s most recent takeover threats. But ConocoPhillips CEO Jim Mulva happened to be a keynote speaker opening a two-day conference today highlighting Rice University’s release of a massive study on national oil companies. Mulva shared his […]  More »