Power conservation alert ends


The Texas grid operator canceled its cold-weather electric conservation alert Friday an hour ahead of the scheduled noon expiration.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas issued the alert Thursday afternoon, citing the forecast for freezing temperatures and generation reductions tied to natural gas supply limitations.

ERCOT said electric demand during the peak hours overnight was 56,673 megawatts, shy of the winter record demand of 57,277 on Jan. 7 – a day after the grid nearly faced rolling blackouts when demand approached available generation capacity.

“We are grateful for consumers’ support during the extreme cold that has increased the demand for power and limited generation capacity throughout the ERCOT region,” said Ken McIntyre, ERCOT vice president for grid planning and operations, in an agency news release.

“The steps consumers took to reduce demand on the power grid kept electric use below the records set earlier this year, and generation companies were able to provide sufficient generation to serve those needs.”

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